Al-Farooq Corporation Gets Florida Up to Code

Updated every three years, the new 2017 Florida Building Code goes into effect January 1, 2018. With so little time, product manufacturers are scrambling to meet the deadline in order to avoid approval issues and project delays.

Manufacturers who fail to update their products to meet the new code run the risk of not being able to sell them. Similarly, contractors who fail to follow the new guidelines may purchase a product they can’t get a permit for, or they may not be able to install, thus delaying the project’s timeline.

With 35 years of experience, Al-Farooq Corporation is a well-respected source for manufacturers, contractors, and architects who need product approvals for windows, doors, or cladding to comply with the latest FBC guidelines.

In addition to being a vital player in assisting businesses with FBC updates, we help architects and contractors coordinate with manufacturers and write letters on our clients’ behalf to cities in order to obtain conditional permits if product approval updates are either in process of close to completion.

In 2016, we performed over 2,000 glazing-related projects in South Florida. Additionally, we handle over 50 percent of all Miami-Dade County product approvals (NOAs) for windows and doors, and nearly 20 percent of product approvals for the state of Florida have an Al-Farooq engineer as the engineer of record.