New Mayors Jewelers Storefront Engineering Complete

Last month, a newly remodeled Mayors Jewelers reopened in Coral Gables’ upscale Merrick Park shopping mall. Al-Farooq Corporation was hired by New York-based Michael Neumann Architecture to provide a multitude of engineering services for the brand’s updated storefront.

The scope included several projects including engineering a temporary barricade used throughout the construction, a new façade and glazing system with wood cladding, steel and aluminum framing for the store’s façade that is concealed by a mirror-like cover, and more.

The store’s exterior signage, including a Rolex sign, was designed by Michael Neumann Architecture but required Al-Farooq’s team of experts to engineer the attachment along with all connections and framing.

Inside the store, Al-Farooq Corporation also designed and engineered framing and connections necessary for the interior hanging air conditioning units.