AFC Attends Zak’s World of Facades

Last week, AFC’s engineers traveled to New York City for Zak’s World of Facades – the region’s premier conference on façade design and engineering. Now in its 52nd edition globally and its first in NYC, the conference covered the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and showcased some of the latest technological solutions.

The one-day event featured engaging panel discussions from more than 45 industry experts including architects, façade consultants, fire consultants, façade engineers, and structural consultants.

The North American conference was sponsored by Schüco, one of the leading suppliers of high-quality window, door and façade systems around the world; and organized by Zak, a pioneer in promoting technologies in the domain of glass processing, facades, and fenestration through their exhibitions and conferences.


AFC’s Engineers Assess Hurricane Damage in Puerto Rico

Al-Farooq Corporation recently traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. Their team of expert engineers were invited to the island to consult on glazing damage made to several dozen luxury high-rise residential towers.   

During inspections alongside local insurance adjusters, the engineers discovered several issues. While Puerto Rico is in a high-risk hurricane zone, code enforcement in regard to exterior glazing products is inconsistently implemented. As a result, many of the buildings assessed by AFC, which were less than 30 years old, sustained significant damage during the storm. 

Al-Farooq Corporation is now partnering with a team of Puerto Rican engineers to bring legislative action to improve glazing manufacturing, permitting, code compliance and installation processes. The firm’s next step is to present its inspection reports to the associations and adjusters, help them proceed with their claims, and make informed decisions for future replacement.