Miami Beach Convention Center

For more than two years, the Miami Beach Convention Center has undergone a $620 million restoration and expansion that is soon to be completed. Al-Farooq Corporation was hired by Enviralum Industries Inc., a Miami-based manufacturer, to provide test plans and prepare one-time approvals for specially customized hardware configurations for the project’s in-swing and out-swing doors. 

The project consisted of more than 300 custom door leaves that totaled $400,000.00. Al-Farooq Corporation worked closely with Enviralum and city officials to complete the project. The newly updated Miami Beach Convention Center is expected to be fully open later this year.  

Al-Farooq Corporation Launches Western Window Systems Product Line

Al-Farooq Corporation has completed the planning and product approvals of six initial high-end products for Arizona-based Western Window Systems and is set to complete the testing and approval of seven more window and door systems over the next few months.  

Western Window Systems approached AFC to provide design reviews and preliminary calculations for their existing line of products. The engineers at AFC suggested modifications and adjustments for the products in order to meet South Florida’s higher structural demands. A testing program was then implemented, and AFC provided support to make instant adjustments. Once testing was completed, AFC created drawings for product approvals, provided necessary calculations, coordinated with third-party validators, quality assurance agencies, and the State of Florida. 

The Al-Farooq Corporation-approved line of products will join a select group of high-performance, high-energy efficient residential impact-rated products that are also available in large sizes and flexible configurations.  

The products, consisting of the 7600 Multi-Slide, 7630 Fixed Window, 7660 Awning Window, 7670 Casement Window, 7675 Set Sash Window, and the 7680 Hopper Window, have been optimized by AFC to meet Florida building codes and come in a variety of sizes and configurations.