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What are the design pressures for your Florida project? Get easy, accurate and instant wind load calculations.

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The only tool that combines State of Florida product approvals and Miami Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA) databases to quickly review products and find documents.

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Trust. Integrity. Expertise. For more than 35 years, these are the reasons clients have partnered with Al-Farooq Corporation for all of their glazing needs. From site engineering to product design, development, and approvals, we provide the highest level of service and the greatest level of confidence. No one cares more. No one works harder. No one sets the bar higher.









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Need to develop a custom product—or modify an existing one? Want to optimize and save money on the testing process? Looking for expert product approval guidance? We help manufacturers improve their product offerings, so they can grow their business and achieve excellent results.


Looking to make the permitting phase as efficient and successful as possible? Need an inspector who works on your schedule and comes with solutions instead of just problems? If so, we’re the ones you want by your side. Why? We secure more than one thousand window and door permits every year.

Architects & Owners

Wondering if what you’re thinking about for a design will actually work? Need help navigating the bidding process? Want to avoid costly mistakes? We work with architects and owners to transform imagination into reality.


“Al-Farooq consistently delivers quality work that we can depend on.  They have assembled a team of brilliant industry experts who are equally thorough and meticulous in their calculations.  We are proud to be longtime partners with Al-Farooq Corporation.”

Robert Beaird, P.E. – Engineering Manager
Robert Beaird, P.E. – Engineering ManagerCGI Windows & Doors, Inc.

“Al-Farooq is the best in the business when it comes to all types of specialty engineering, peer reviews, and product approvals, and have a 30-year track record to prove it. They are our firm’s go-to consultant for all of our specialty construction and engineering needs. They are responsive, reasonable, extremely efficient, and I would recommend them as nothing but the best in the industry.”

Paul Fischman – Principal
Paul Fischman – PrincipalChoeff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design

“I have been working with Al-Farooq for more than 15 years and still do today because of their outstanding service, high attention to detail and fast response. They helped me develop and continue to adjust my product line from a few windows to the most innovative and strongest aluminum product line in the industry.”

Abe Lopez-Blanco – President
Abe Lopez-Blanco – PresidentSIW Impact Windows and Doors

“We retained the experts at Al-Farooq to assist in the defense of a substantial copyright infringement matter, representing the plaintiff/owner of several valuable copyrighted drawings relative to exterior window and door systems. Al-Farooq is the recognized industry leader in that space and their service and commitment to the clients is unmatched. Their turnaround time is exceptional. The quality of their work is exceptional, and the quality of the individuals that we dealt with at every level in their organization is exceptional. It has been a pleasure working with them and we will continue to work with them in important cases in the future. ”

Phillip M. Hudson III – Attorney at Law
Phillip M. Hudson III – Attorney at LawSaul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

“Our firm has collaborated with Al-Farooq over the past 25 years to bring innovative design solutions to fruition. We now live in a time where both the forces of nature, governmental regulation and professional accountability require the highest level of professional engineering and competence. Our office will continue to work with Al-Farooq to create inventive design in an ever increasing complex and demanding environment.”

Burton Hersh – Managing Principal
Burton Hersh – Managing PrincipalBurton Hersh, P.A.

“Working with Al-Farooq since 2003 has been a great experience. Their professionalism and knowledge of the product and industry is unprecedented, and that is why we continue to use them in all of our projects.”

Andres Chamorro – General Manager
Andres Chamorro – General ManagerES Windows LLC