Porcelanosa’s KRION® Ventilated Facade System

We’ve recently been working with Porcelanosa, a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacture, and distribution of tile, kitchen and bath products, to engineer an updated ventilated façade system, and the product is now available in the Florida market.

The unique KRION® ventilated façade system is a new generation solid surface material that is warm to touch and similar to natural stone. Made of two-thirds natural minerals including aluminum trihydrate and a low percentage of high-resistance resins, the unique composition makes the “super panel” easy to clean and hard-wearing. It is also highly resistant, easy to repair, and requires minimum maintenance. The external cladding system allows for seamless sections to be created and prevents liquids from being absorbed – making it perfect for rainy climates.

Our engineers worked directly with Porcelanosa USA’s national director as we worked to get the product approved and made available for the Florida region.

“Working with Al-Farooq Corporation has not only been an excellent experience but an educational one as well,” said Ignacio Vidal, architect and national director at Porcelanosa USA. “They were always available to walk me through the process and what I learned from them about how to educate clients regarding the product has proven to be invaluable.”

Al-Farooq Corporation also engineering the KRION® façade system at Porcelanosa’s new headquarters located in Doral, FL.