AFC Joins Facade Tectonics Forum in Miami

The Façade Tectonics Institute is bringing its annual Façade Tectonics Forum to Miami for the first time this spring! Al-Farooq Corporation is thrilled to be assisting in the coordination of the event which will focus on façade trends and technologies unique to South Florida’s tropical climate.

Titled ‘Material Matters’, the conference will cover emerging strategies and design practices for façade systems, buildings, and urban habitats.

The full-day forum is designed to expand recognition and understanding of the integral role the façade system plays in resilience, sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, health and productivity in buildings and urban environments. The multi-city conference is known for building a collaborative, façade-based action-oriented dialogue bridging industry silos and filling key knowledge gaps.

Jalal Farooq will be taking part in two separate panel sessions, Bouncing Back: Building Resilience Attributes in Essential Facilities, and Resilience Thinking: The Building Threat of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise. A third panel discussion will cover carbon-neutral high-rise envelope designs and engineering for extreme tropical climate impacts.  The final panel will go over facade systems considerations for hot and humid climates.

Tickets for the event are available here. It will take place on March 22nd at the University of Miami. For more information, visit