Hurricane-Tested Jamestown175™ Series Pivot Door Now Available

Al-Farooq Corporation is proud to have assisted Hope’s® Windows, Inc. in launching a new product into the market.

Earlier this year, Al-Farooq helped Hope’s to test the Jamestown175™ Series solid, hot-rolled steel pivot doors to Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code (FBC) – High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) standards.

The door was tested for TAS-201 (large missile impact), TAS-202 (structural), TAS-203 (cyclic load), air infiltration, water, and design pressure +/- 60.0 PSF.

The in-swing product features a massive 6’ wide by 11’ tall single-panel door with ultra-thin sight-lines. It also boasts time-tested solid, hot-rolled steel and Hope’s exclusive Power of 5™ Finishing System.

We are now assisting Hope’s in testing and approving the out-swing design model.